• Guide the team to carry out scanning and evaluation of Quantum Computing technology and development of Dual-Use applications in Commercial and Defence. This will include the following:
    • Quantum Communications, eg. QKD
    • Quantum Machine Learning
    • Quantum-based Optimisation
  • Establish a supporting R&D ecosystem including local and global start-ups, technology vendors, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Research Institutes (RIs) and relevant governmental agencies to demonstrate strategic and innovative solutions (products and services) that will meet business objectives.
  • Perform active technology scanning and sharing of latest technology development with the CTO Community
  • Perform strategic planning of R&D effort that leads to business impact, working closely with business units to demonstrate the potential of Quantum Computing (applications) and to integrate both technology and use cases into their business strategy and product roadmaps.
  • Influence development of solutions leveraging Quantum Computing across both Defence and Commercial business units to achieve strategic goals and/or to deliver business results.
  • Work closely with Technology Offices & R&D community in recommending capital investments designed to help its defence and commercial business objectives.
  • Communicate with senior executive leadership (internally or client) regarding Quantum Computing trends and roadmaps, application to business and/or any other matters of importance to the organisation as part of the Group Technology Office.


  • Advanced degree, preferably PhD or Masters in Physics, Engineering or Computing with a strong focus in quantum computing and/or quantum machine learning
  • Experience in Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Communications) and/or developing applications using high-level Quantum programming languages, eg. Python, Silq, QCL and familiarity with Quantum programming tools, eg. Forest, QISKIT and AWS Braket
  • Good knowledge of Quantum hardware and related vendors available in the industry, eg. IBM, Rigetti, IonQ, AWS Braket
  • Experience in advanced technology research, strategy development and road-mapping will be advantageous
  • Analytical minded with exceptional project management and organization skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Professional and ethical behaviour