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Terms of Service

The use of Jobline ("Service") is bound by the following ("Terms of Service").

Jobline Resources Ptd Ltd will be called ("Jobline"), ("We") or ("Us") in this Terms of Service.

Jobline reserves the right to vary, by amendment or addition to this Terms of Service, any of the following terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.


  1. You shall access your account using modern browser and ensure that your hardware is compatible with Jobline. Support will only be given to the following browsers: IE11+, Chrome 20+, Firefox 20+ and Safari 6+.
  2. You understand that Jobline is using cookie to track session.
  3. You must take your own initiative to protect your password when accessing Jobline account, either at home or outside.
  4. You are required to provide legal full name or other documents like NRIC, passport number, driving license, contact information, resume/CV, profile picture and others to Jobline to process for job application or anything related to human resource (HR) functions. Jobline will only ask for these documents if needed and will clearly communicate to you beforehand.
  5. There are no account registration. Jobline will provide you with an account when we first contact you or when you've been profiled by Jobline either by applying for a job or we actively approach you.
  6. You may deactivate your account with us. We may permanently delete your account and all the data associated with it, including your emails from our Website.
  7. Jobline reserves the right to deactivate your account if you do not comply with the Terms of Service.
  8. If you are an employer, your account only strictly allows you to perform human resource (HR) functions that Jobline exposes to you.
  9. If you are an employer, we will deactivate and delete your account if you are no longer with our partner company.

Job Posting

  1. After applying for a job, you agree that our recruiters will only contact you should you be shortlisted for the role.
  2. Jobline's clients' decision not to consider your application is final and without dispute.
  3. Jobline cannot guarantee your employment simply by you having submitting your resume or CV or application.


  1. As a candidate, you agree to use this Service to seek employment opportunities.
  2. As an employer, you agree to use this Service to look for suitable candidates for employment and also manage their employment.
  3. By submitting information, you agree to allow Jobline to have access to the information to process it and distribute it to our partner companies.

Disclaimer and Liability

  1. The Service is provided on an "as is" basis. Jobline, its employees, related corporations, associates and affiliates makes no representations, endorsements or warranties on the information and data on this Service.
  2. You acknowledge that this Service is an web application in an internet communication environment and as such subject to poor availability if some conditions are met such as poor WiFi connection, site maintenance or crashes.
  3. Hyperlinks provided by Jobline to other web site(s) or resources does not imply an endorsement of that site(s) or resources by Jobline.
  4. The information and data provided by you or us may include inaccuracies or errors and Jobline reserves the right to make changes.
  5. To improve and gain insight into Jobline's operation, we collect non-personal usage data when you are online for analysis to improve our services.