The Snr EUC Engineer manages the IT support function. He provides management to a group of IT professional and support staff and focuses on setting goals and priorities. He/She plans and directs the information processing activities of the organisation and coordinates the effective design, implementation and operation of management information systems and applications. He oversees the maintenance and upgrading of support systems and conducts on-site training to promote efficient operations. He possesses strong leadership and communication abilities, and is able to set realistic goals and implement appropriate plans to guide the team toward achieving those goals. He is able to address multi-faceted issues effectively and in a collaborative manner including across departments.

Role and Responsibilities:

Implement IT Support Service Plans - Lead the implementation of support services across the organisation - Define best practices and Service Level Agreements for the support function - Establish performance and reporting measures to provide an effective and efficient level of service

Manage IT support Activities - Identify actions to maintain or improve levels of service - Advise the business on IT support metrics and capabilities

Oversee System Maintenance - Prioritise activities to ensure continuity of service and prompt issue resolution - Oversee the compiling of data for reporting purposes - Review trends and patterns - Plan installation of hardware equipment, software and maintenance agreements - Recommend acquisition of new technology and software

Provide Incident Resolution Guidance - Analyse enquiries to identify recurring user problems, recommend solutions, and to identify areas where service can be improved - Respond to more complex, escalated enquiries from team members - Evaluate results of investigation reviews - Develop problem solving guidelines, checklists, or other materials to assist staff to respond to user problems that are recurring or routine - Oversee disaster recovery planning and testing

Manage Teams - Oversee team management including budgets, forecasting, work allocations and staffing - Develop staff through ongoing coaching, mentoring and career discussions - Define common goals, direction and accountability among staff - Drive effective performance management practices within department in accordance with company policies and procedures


/ Qualifications: - Diploma/Degree in Computer Science of equivalent - At least 7 - 10 years’ experience in developing, implementing and maintaining IT systems - Experience in mass EUC deployment for building relocation, renovation projects and new set-up implementation