1. System And Network Security - To provide subject matter expert inputs on system and network security products. - Ensure that all servers, client and networking equipment are configured in accordance with company required security standards, and to ensure the compliance of these requirements by conducting verification checks. - Ensure that the host protection software is updated whenever new virus signatures are received. - Scrutinise the log files generated by the systems for irregularities once a week. - Review and implement all relevant new security instructions.

  2. Information Protection - To provide subject matter expert inputs on IT security matters in the management of computer networks. - Maintain an up do date list of all standalone PCs, computer systems and networks used in the conduct of Commericial and Public Security projects including external storage media. - Ensure secure erasure of storage media prior to disposal.

  3. Physical Security - Ensure the compliance of physical security aspects of computer networks and standalone PCs.

  4. Access Controls - Maintain a list of passwords to systems and applications.

  5. Incident Reporting and Response - Respond to and report all computer security breaches.

  6. Security Audit and Review - Assist in the conduct of verification checks, VA, and resolution of IOC. - Work with the Business Area Cybersecurity Head for conduct of annual declaration exercise.


  • Degree / Diploma in Computer Science / Information Technology / Engineering or equivalent
  • At least 4 years of relevant working experience.
  • CISSP or equivalent.