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  • Serve as the deep Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the development of cloud infrastructure solutions which includes multi/hybrid cloud design and implementation
  • Constantly explore new solutions and technologies, integrate learning and recommendations into the development process
  • Demonstrate good expertise in all major Cloud Service Providers’ products and solutions
  • Specialize in the best practice design, operations, and support of private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructure including Network, Storage, Compute and Security
  • Ensure proposed design gels and aligns to Application, Enterprise, Security architecture
  • Create architecture artefacts and documentation to effectively explain architecture design concepts and solutions to various level of stakeholders
  • Recommend new services to complement and enhance infrastructure elements to stream-line and support applications development and deployment
  • Apply knowledge of Agile software development and DevOps to infrastructure as code development and deployment
  • Lead continuous enhancement and exploratory work to design, develop, test and deploy new Cloud Infrastructure technologies using agile methods
  • Identify potential and emerging technologies relevant to innovation
  • Project management of cloud infrastructure setup and implementation


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Minimum 5-10 years of working experience in either AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Experience with other cloud platforms will also be considered.
  • Previous experience with a System Integrator or Consulting organisation is preferred
  • Experience with scalable architectures using serverless technologies, container orchestration (e.g., Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry), microservice frameworks, etc. and software development practices like DevOps and CI/CD tool chains (i.e., Jenkins, Spinnaker, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Puppet) is preferred
  • Experience with large scale cloud architectures including hybrid architectures, migration of on-premise workload and application modernization will be an advantage
  • Strong understanding of cloud or system security will be preferred
  • Some understanding of software development and infrastructure operations solutions will be preferred
  • Strong analytical and design thinking skills
  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written) in articulating design principles, with ability to adopt communications styles to suit targeted audiences ranging from engineers to customer senior management.