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  • Ownership of technical designs, code development, and component test execution to demonstrate alignment to the functional specification.
  • Applying knowledge of common, relevant architecture frameworks in defining and evaluating application architectures.
  • Performing code reviews and providing critical suggestions for fixes and improvements
  • Supporting issue analysis and fix activities during test phases, as well as production issue resolution.
  • Developing and demonstrating a broad set of technology skills in micro service design patterns, Open Source libraries and frameworks, and technology architecture concepts.


  • A minimum of 3 years software engineering experience.
  • Strong fundamentals in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • Understanding of client-side architecture and design patterns, including MVC and uni-directional data flow.
  • Experience with React and associated state-management libraries (Redux, Mobx, etc).

Shortlisted Candidates will be offered a 1 year Agency Contract employment