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  • Design, implement and maintain wrapper codes for manipulating mobile devices
  • Good habit of maintaining clear code documentation
  • Able to work independently, and contribute as a team
  • Senior role is expected to mentor juniors to grow as a team


  • Computer Engineering/Computer Science related diploma/degree
  • Working experience:
  • For senior role - At least 4 years relevant working experience - full stack software development, REST implementation
  • Able to work with both Linux and Windows OS platform
  • Working knowledge in Basic linux system administration and security
  • Design, implement and maintain secure backend REST APIs
  • PHP
  • Nginx /w high-availability implementation
  • Mysql/MariaDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch /w high-availability implementation
  • Familiar with Mobile Application Testing processes
  • Working knowledge in Android OS, Rooting processes, ADB, Remote screen mirroring