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  • Conversant with hands on RHEL OS, Windows 2016/2019 OS
  • Conversant with application server administration (websphere 9 / JBOSS 7/ Weblogic 12)
  • Familiar with enterprise architecture (3 tier architecture), up to 50 envs per site .
  • Familiar with concepts of integrating online, file based integration concepts (MQ, SFTP, file encryption) in gov API framework.
  • Familiar with system security practices to setup applications/processes correctly.
  • Familiar with operational processes
  • Take ownership of one or two application product and its operational aspects of patching, application support etc. For example , able to setup a websphere server in HA mode in PROD and looking at the application patches post setup.


  • 2-3 years maintaining or setting up 3 tier architecture from web to db tier.
  • Able to support in designing, setting up, configuring fault tolerant and highly available tech architecture.
  • Conversant with system script writing to automate tasks
  • Able to design HA/Failover applications as part of technical requirements
  • Worked in a delivery setting, setting up and maintaining servers and infrastructure
  • Familiar with Web application from end user interaction to backend (role of the sso, web server, app server, database and components supporting it)

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 1 Year Agency Contract employment.