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  • Overall management and co-ordination of the project
  • Serve as a single point of contact in co-ordination with and consultation with the Customer’s Representative
  • Deemed as the Contractor’s agent in all dealings with the Customer
  • Be accountable to the Customer as the Contractor’s agent, for all aspects of the design, development, delivery, installation, integration, migration, testing, implementation, operations and maintenance services of the System
  • Co-ordinate project activities with the Customer, existing vendors and other parties as indicated by the Customer
  • Highlight and resolve outstanding issues and problems
  • Arrange for, co-ordinate and document project progress meetings and system change management meetings
  • Prepare and submit progress reports
  • Prepare and submit detailed development plans and schedules
  • Manage changes within project constraints, e.g. scope, resource and schedule
  • Plan and allocate resources proactively to ensure timely delivery of the System in accordance with the project schedule
  • Set up procedures with the Customer to manage the deployment of tools and delivery of System and Services
  • Take stock and track documentation, hardware and software supplied for the delivery of systems and services
  • Involve in contract administration, monitoring of progress, technical personnel training, logistic support, documentation
  • Lead and manage the Contractor’s Project Team, including the overseeing of all day-to-day project activities
  • Manage project risks


  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology
  • Project Management certification (PMP)
  • Minimum 4 years of software development experience and have gone through at least 2 cycles of SLDC
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and have a strong team spirit with can-do attitude
  • Possess strong leadership ability, good communication skills and excellent problem solving skills in inter-organizational environment
  • Familiar with the user requirements phase for IT projects
  • Experience in projects with IBM MAXIMO or Data Analytics will be advantageous.
  • Preferably with 1 to 2 years’ development experience in C++/C#/Java
  • Able to manage customers to adhere to the well-established processes or recommend tailoring, if needed in exceptional cases
  • Able to negotiate well and manager customer to finalize the user requirements.

Shortlisted candidates will be offered either Permanent or Contract employment.