• Understanding of DevOps principles and implementation.
  • Develop/build/maintain continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and automated testing to support integration of systems in a continuous build/deploy environment
  • Automate and build up scalable systems/environment using latest technologies (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • Monitoring automation to effectively detect/predict/prevent issues in the environment and code base.
  • Work on open platforms consisting of Databases and CICD, Logging, and monitoring tools to provide stable, and reliable DevOps service
  • Architecting and development of solutions to meet project requirements


  • Diploma/Degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Communications Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in managing current database technologies.
  • Experience in containerisation technology, Kubernetes, Docker etc.
  • Experience with application architectures and how to re-architect for cloud.
  • Possess analytical skills, mental resilience and the ability to think systematically under stressful conditions.