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  • Responsible for the daily real time monitoring and analysis of security events /threats from multiple sources
  • Triage security incidents including unauthorised access, phishing , malware infection etc
  • Refine current use cases implemented on the SIEM solution to reduce/minimise false positives
  • First point of contact for Cybersecurity incident and responsible for incident investigation and response activities including i) conduct forensic analysis ii) determine cause and extent of breach iii) corelate findings with existing network/application iv) recommend remediation/recovery plans v) prepare timely ,detailed and accurate incident report update
  • Provide post-incident reports for management and stakeholder encompassing easy to understand accurate details on risk, impact, like hood, containment and remediation , threat actors.
  • Build and design security incident playbook
  • Conduct table-top exercise / cybersecurity drills
  • Stay current with the latest Cyber threats, tactics and vulnerabilities and updated with evolving attack techniques
  • Prepare to support 24*7


  • Diploma or Degree in Computer Science/ Information security or equivalent
  • Preferably 3- 5 years of experience as incident responder/digital forensic analyst / Security Operation analyst
  • Knowledge of incident response and handling methodologies
  • Strong knowledge of SIEM, EDR, SOAR, UEBA, VA and other security tools.
  • Working knowledge in digital forensic tools eg FTK, Encase , Cellebrite etc.