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  • Strong experience as a full-stack developer/software engineer/programmer, working on the front end and back end of applications (70/30 split either way is still appropriate).
  • Frontend experience ideally React
  • Backend experience with Node.js
  • Current and continuous interest in new tools, techniques, technologies and methodologies in the community, either through reading, workshops, blogs or videos.
  • Firm understanding of object oriented programming as well as common design patterns/anti-patterns.
  • Experience in building scalable cloud based solutions.
  • Experience working with and integrating REST APIs.


  • BS degree in Computer Science, or a similar technical field of study.
  • Experience with TypeScript.
  • Experience with RxJS.
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes (or similar containerisation technologies).
  • Knowledge of development methodologies (e.g Scrum, Agile).
  • Participation in open source projects.